Get Through Your Day With Delicious Meals From 3 Mama's and Mike

Enjoy made-to-order meals in a flash

You're busy hustling through the day-it's easy to let a whole day go by without grabbing a bit to eat. Take some time away from your busy schedule, and get some fuel from 3 Mama's and Mike.

Our Middletown location is perfect for grab-and-go breakfast and lunch. You'll get the food you need to power through your day without missing a beat. Stop by our cafe today to find your new favorite meal!

Take a bite out of our made-to-order meals

We've got something for everybody at 3 Mama's and Mike. Stop by to enjoy:

  • Wraps
  • Sandwiches
  • Quesadillas
  • Homemade soups

All items are made fresh and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

3 Mama's and Mike is conveniently located inside the medical plaza. Visit our location for breakfast and lunch today. We offer daily specials.