Our Story...

3 Mama's & Mike are three generations of accomplished cooks passing down authentic recipes. Mastering their descendants techniques, they have come together to fuse this knowledge. With over 20 years collective experience in the restaurant industry, they have created what they believe is the ultimate gourmet comfort food. With each bite you taste the love and passion 3 Mama's & Mike has for food. You will delight in the way they take your favorite comfort foods and create "savory specialties with a twist". The mobile kitchen allows them to use fresh ingredients daily, which gives their food a creative and fun edge. The dreams of these 4 talented people are to make delicious food and get it out to the world. Stop by today and try one of the mouth-watering signature stuffed sirloin burgers, homemade soups, breakfast specials and more. Their motto is "We live to cook and love to eat". So let 3 Mama's and Mike serve you heaven on a plate.

Mama Rita comes from a small town in Southern Italy. In the 1950's, at 4 years old, Mama Rita along with her 4 older brothers and parents immigrated to Brooklyn New York. There she spent many hours watching and helping prepare all the meals for her family with her mother, fondly known as Nonna Elena. Family and friends came over to share many meals, as Nonna Elena was known to be the best cook in town. To this family, their love for food was the energy (fuel) to a healthy and prosperous life. Growing up in the foodservice business in the 60's, and being part of Brooklyn's cultural melting pot, encouraged Mama Rita to collaborate with other cooks to create amazing comfort food. After many years this Brooklyn transplant moved to Orange County and raised a family with "Mike". Together they have shared their lives creating ultimate comforting recipes using fresh ingredients, years of experience and love for food.

Mike, born in Brooklyn, comes from a long line of great Swedish and German cooks. He learned to butcher meats as a young boy and delivered it door to door by bicycle. His love for eating great food along with his knowledge of fine meats will guarantee a memorable eating experience at 3 Mama's and Mike.

Mama Toni has been cooking since she was nine yrs old. Her family has owned and operated several restaurants throughout Orange County. Toni has spent years working in small mom and pop restaurants as well as large corporate chains. She takes great pride in her cooking and loves to put her own special twists to classic recipes. "Food and family is what life's all about. It's hard to be anything but happy when you have delicious food in front of you". This philosophy is what has elevated a simple recipe into one of Toni's gourmet masterpieces.

Mama Dee started bartending while in college. Staying in the restaurant business was not her initial plan but she fell in love with the excitement and energy of it. She loved making sure that her guests left happy by ensuring that their food and drinks were perfect. As she puts it "Meeting someone new every day is good for the soul. At any given moment you can be inspired by a stranger".